What is Vision 2020?

The Grand Lodge of Ireland, through its Lodges throughout Ireland and overseas is becoming increasingly recognised for its continuing support of non masonic charities. The cumulative total each year distributed to a wide range of charities, normally chosen at local level, now runs at around 2 million euro. Roughly every 5 years the Grand Master calls for an additional Festival to support specific Charities. Read More

Events by Location


RNLI North supporting the construction of a new lifeboat station in Enniskillen to replace an existing portacabin.

RNLI South supporting the construction of a new lifeboat station at Lough Ree to replace an existing portacabin. More

Médecins Sans Frontières supporting a hospital project in Sierra Leone or a vaccination project in Africa.


The Simon Communities in Ireland, provide support and services to people experiencing or at risk of homelessness all across the country. More

Simon Community NI is Northern Ireland’s leading homelessness charity. Northern Ireland is entering a homelessness crisis, with more people each year presenting as homeless to the Housing ExecutiveMore