About Vision 2020

The Grand Lodge of Ireland, through its Lodges throughout Ireland and overseas is becoming increasingly recognised for its continuing support of non masonic charities. The cumulative total each year distributed to a wide range of charities, normally chosen at local level, now runs at around 2 million euro.

Roughly every 5 years the Grand Master calls for an additional Festival to support specific Charities.

Vision 2020 is the Grand Masters Festival now up and running until the end of 2020, hence the logo.

During each Festival our Lodges run a wide range of events with funds raised dedicated to Festival accounts with distribution to the Charities by way of both interim and final tranches. The final reconciliation, this time, is likely to be in June 2021.

The chosen Charities for Vision 2020 are Medecins sans Frontieres, Simon Communities of Ireland, Simon Community Northern Ireland and the Royal National LifeboatInstitution. Contributions to each of the Charities will be made in funding appropriate projects thereby providing visible legacies for both Freemasons and non masons to reflect on.

Details of the various projects anticipated for Vision 2020 can be viewed here.